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“Necessity is the mother of invention”. 


We started in the recycling business in 2005 and  quickly discovered how difficult it was to find recycling equipment and a  local supplier of baling wire.

In 2015, after ten years in the recycling business and  when recycling industry first began hearing about China’s "National  Sword" initiative, we decided to close our warehouse and focus on  building a branch network of distributors who sells the same high  quality baling wire and recycling equipment.

Ray Crock didn't invent the hamburger. But, he  believed in franchising McDonalds® so everyone could enjoy the same  great tasting hamburger no matter where they traveled. Henry Ford didn’t  build the first automobile, but he built an economical car so the  average American could afford to buy one.

At Southeast Baling Wire, we didn’t invent the baling  wire or the recycling equipment we sell. However, we believed every  recycler should be able to find the same high quality baling wire and  recycling equipment no matter where you’re located and we built our business on it.

We have a branch network of distributors across the  Southeast who sells the same high quality baling wire and Recycling  equipment at affordable prices.  We are the fastest growing baling wire  company in the industry. Come see why everyone is talking about us!

Give  us a call to find the nearest distributor.  If we do not have a local  distributor near you, we will assist you in finding the closest branch  near you and place the your order with them. We guarantee every  distributor carries the highest quality baling wire in the industry  or we'll buy it back. 

If  you would like to become a local distributor and save money on your  baling wire too, give us a call.  In these uncertain times in the  recycling industry, it's a good idea to think about diversifying your  business. Contact us at info@Southeastbalingwire.com or give us a call  at 1-866-258-9175.  You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,  LinkedIn or Google+.

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