The Southeast Baling Wire Advantage

Benefit From Our Experience

We know the Recycling industry and we understand the challenges Recyclers face everyday. We built our company from the perspective of a Recycler and not a baling wire company. 

What sets  us apart from other baling wire companies is our branch network of local  Distributors. They all have the support from our Distribution Center  and are ready to help with questions concerning baling wire, finding  used recycling equipment, finding a local technician to repair or  install work on your baler.

Benefit From Our Buyers

We can also help you find Buyers who have been pre-screened and verified  as credible buyers who have a proven track record of paying on time and  at a fair price. Think of us as the "Angie's List" or "Home Advisor"  for the recycling industry.

Benefit From Our Network

We also  work with other service providers in the industry who can help ease your  mind about getting paid from buy domestic or overseas buyers. Don't  worry about getting paid for your materials, we can help. 

Our strength comes from our branch network of local distributors and Recyclers who have one common goal.